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We are waste haulers. People pay us to take stuff “away”. Where we take it – to be recycled, redistributed, or buried in mountains of other stuff – people often don’t care. As long as they don’t have to deal with it anymore.

We encounter some interesting things and awkward situations that make for good stories. Some of them gross, some funny – all of them true. What we do is a kind of archaeology. Our waste says a lot about us – sometimes more than we ourselves know or are willing to admit. And the waste hauling industry is shrouded with a kind of secrecy and inaccessibility. We hope that this blog gives readers a little glimpse into this world.

And we want to be able to do this without getting anyone in trouble or betraying anyone’s trust. Names have been changed and pictures blurred or close-cropped to protect the privacy of the ourselves and the people whose waste we haul. We think this is fair enough – that we deserve the stories we get as a small compensation for the difficult work we do, as long as we take every precaution to protect the privacy of everyone involved.

But there might always be something we missed. If you notice something in one of our posts that resembles a real person or place you know, please email us immediately so we can change it or delete it. If you happen to know or discover the identity of one of us who write the blog, we ask that you please respect our anonymity.

And if you’re a hauler and have stories you want to share here, and there’s no natural fit for them as comments on one of our posts, please email us at hauler at haulingsecrets dot com.

For more ABOUT Hauling Secrets, read smidge’s intro/review of this blog written four months into it.

[UPDATE: This blog is officially retired, though I still respond to some comments. If I get back into the  hauling business, I will get right back here too, and share with you all my new secrets, and some of the old (and best) ones that never made it online.  Thanks to all my fellow haulers and commenters for contributing, and thanks everyone for reading.  -smidge]

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