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This is where we collect notable pictures of the faces of porn models. All images are photographs or scans from the pages of magazines we've come across while hauling.

Pornface #17


Pornface #16


Pornface #15


Pornface #14


Pornface #11, one year too late

I just realized two things:

  1. I skipped Pornface #11.
  2. Pornface #13 was posted almost a year ago.
Judging by the amount of comments, Pornface is by far the most popular category here at HS. So I’m sorry I let this go so long.  Forgive me:

Pornface #13

Technically, two faces this time:
Pornface #13

Pornface #12

Before I leave for a 10-day vacation, I thought I’d post a Pornface that truly requires at least 10 days of contemplation:


I swear this was from a porn magazine. Her native garb and vacant stare are supposed to be sexy somehow.

Pornface #10

Pornface #10

The last Pornface post (Pornface #9) brought the following comment into moderation:

Sorry, no clever captions here. I’m just wondering if there are any more pictures from this shoot & would be grateful if you could tell me the magazine source from which you (presumably) found it…. :D

Please feel free to email me if you like.

The comment was authored by someone whose email address included the words “porn” “fetish” and “xtreme”. I decided not to approve the comment, since it sounded like the person might not have intended for their email address to show. I decided instead to email the person after I’d gone back and tried to find out where the picture came from, as they requested.

A few days later the following comment appeared:


A few days ago I tried to submit a comment here inquiring as to whether you could tell me the original source from which you found this picture & if perchance it came from a magazine spread & there are any more pictures from this same shoot.

I assumed that the email address I entered in the required field would be “hidden” only from the other readers here, but perhaps I was wrong & it was hidden from you as well?

Regardless, I would very much appreciate your reply, as I’m a collector of such material & sets like this are somewhat rare to say the least….

My email address is [censored] & I thank you for your time.

I finally emailed him the info, he thanked me, and I asked him if we would mind me posting about our little interaction. He said it was fine. I don’t know why I deemed it blog-worthy, but I did. There you go.

Pornface #9

Pornface #9

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